In 2018, crashes that involved large trucks rose compared to the year before. In total, there were 36,560 fatalities. 

As a driver, it’s important you know how to protect yourself from potential lawsuits. Otherwise, you might find yourself paying for damages alone.

Protect your best interests with these five steps you need to take following truck accidents. With these tips, you can prepare for a potential truck accident lawsuit. 

1. Get to Safety 

After a crash, it’s important that you get to safety as soon as possible. Many truck accidents lead to additional accidents. If it’s safe to move, try to get your vehicle out of the way of traffic as soon as possible.

If you or someone else was injured, make sure it’s safe to move them. In some cases, moving someone who sustained a neck or back injury could cause additional damage.

To avoid causing a disability, call for medical help right away. They can help you determine if it’s safe to move. 

2. Call the Police

Once you’re out of the way of traffic, take the time to call local law enforcement. In many states, you’re required by law to call the police in to review truck accidents. 

You’ll also want them to file an official police report. Their police report will document all damages and injuries. 

Make sure to ask for a copy of the official police report. Your truck accidents lawyer will need the statement to support your side of the story. Your lawyer might also call the officer in to benefit your case. 

While you wait for the police to arrive, try to avoid unnecessary conversation. It’s also essential that you don’t admit fault for the accident. 

3. Ask for Medical Attention

About 130,000 individuals are injured annually in truck collisions. Take the time to call for help, especially if it’s an emergency.

If you don’t call for medical help on the scene, make sure to visit a medical professional after the crash. 

You might not realize you sustained injuries until weeks after the crash. In many truck accidents, adrenaline can mask the pain. However, you might have sustained neck or back damage, which can lead to disability without treatment. 

Don’t forget to ask for copies of your medical reports for your truck accident lawsuit. 

4. Acquire Evidence

While you’re still on scene, take photos of what happened. Make sure to take photos of the area, damage, and all vehicles involved in the crash.

Did anyone witness what happened? Ask for their contact information as well. Your truck accidents lawyer can contact them to strengthen your case. 

Get the contact information for all parties involved in the crash, too. 

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

While you’re still at the scene, consider contacting your insurance agent. They’ll know exactly what information and evidence you’ll need to gather for your claim. 

Keep On Trucking: 5 Tips for Beating Lawsuits Involving Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can feel stressful. With these tips, you can prepare yourself beforehand. Following these steps, make sure to contact the best truck accident lawyer in town. 

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