Mount Pleasant Car Accident Lawyer

Mount Pleasant Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accidents can be physically and mentally distressing for most people. However, for those who survive such a crucial car collision, getting the right car accident lawyer to fight for you is ideal.

At Mount Pleasant law firm we are in the business of getting our clients their rightful compensation and attending to their needs. Our office in Mount Pleasant, MI, is open 24/7 to everybody who wants a reliable personal injury lawyer. 

If you have been recently involved in a car accident or you want to fight for a close relative involved in the accident, contact us today.

What should you do after a Car accident?

After an accident, here are some critical steps you should take without hesitation :

Seek urgent medical help

The first thing a victim of a car accident should seek is the treatment for yourself and anyone else involved. It is someone alive who can claim settlements. Visit the hospital immediately to check for external and internal injuries. If you can still move, take your car away from the road for safety, however, if you can’t do that, get someone to do that immediately.

Call the authority

You should notify the police or other security around after the accident. The police you will call will be able to make a detailed report of what went wrong. This is very important when our auto accident attorney seeks compensation. Don’t leave the accident scene, until you have been cleared by the officer.

Gather relevant pieces of evidence

Ensure you take down all relevant information before it’s too late and people tamper with the crime scene. Jot down the other drivers’ names, addresses, plate numbers, and car colors, if possible take his picture. 

Moreover, it’s vital to take the contact details of all witnesses present at the crime scene. Since most people are with their smartphones, ensure you snap everything that happens at the crime scene.

Notify the insurer

Immediately after a car accident occurs, you should call your insurance company to narrate everything that happens. When filing a car accident claim, you need to provide all supporting documents. However, before you do these, ensure you discuss them with a competent car accident attorney.

Auto Accident Attorney Services 

At mount pleasant law firm, we provide a plethora of car accident services which include:

Negotiate with your insurer

All insurance firms have adjusters who are mandated to get you to agree to a low settlement. They do these by downplaying your injuries and the extent of the damage. Without an experienced Mount Pleasant Car Accident Lawyer, you might not be compensated fully. 

We help negotiate with the insurer to give you the full settlement. Auto accident lawyers in Mount Pleasant, MI, know the tricks of insurance adjusters and we can help you a good deal.

Prove liability

Another important service we offer to car accident victims is to prove that the other party is liable. Without a competent car attorney, you won’t get a fair deal. Because the car accident lawyers in Mount Pleasant are knowledgeable, we are burdened to help our fort to prove their case.

Case substance

With the evidence you have with you and with the one our car accident lawyer will gather, the claim needs to be substantiated. Standing in front of the judge with the evidence you can’t prove will amount to nothing if it can’t be proved. At Mount Pleasant Law firm, we can help support all evidence to help you get the settlement you need.

Deliberation of compensation

Several factors determine the amount you will collect as compensation. This isn’t something you can do on your own if you are not experienced with personal injury claims. With the right auto accident attorney, your compensation will increase. We will help talk to doctors, therapists, and other people involved ensuring you get the right cost.

Filing a court case

While out-of-court settlements are what everyone hopes for. Sometimes insurers and offenders might prove stubborn. When this happens we can help file your case at the court after all attempts fail. However, expect the other parties and insurance firms to do everything to settle out of court, however, if it doesn’t favor you, we will ensure you get justice in court.

Why should you use Mount Pleasant law firm?

While there are many car accident Lawyers in Mount Pleasant, MI, you can use, here is what makes us better :


We are always professional with all our clients when carrying out our duties. We understand how insurance companies think about far accidents and know the appropriate response they will give. At Mount Pleasant, we have the winning strategy to win all car accident cases. 

Always available 

As a reputable law firm in Mount Pleasant, MI, we are always available anytime you need us. We have a good legal team who are always ready to deal with your car accident claim immediately. 

Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

All our auto accident attorneys have deep knowledge and training about personal injury and car accidents. They have been in this business for years and have the required expertise to succeed in any case. If you want to avoid a protracted and drawn-out case, you will need top talents in a car accident legal professional. 

Compassionate Auto Accident Attorney

We are kind-hearted and empathetic towards your case. We will treat you like our family and make you comfortable. The case will be handled as if you are our family member. Also, we will keep you informed of all steps in the case. 

Great customer service 

What makes us different from others is our efficient customer support team. Our team is always ready to help you with all your enquiries. We have trained professionals who are ready to treat your car highly and transfer you to the right auto accident attorney available. 

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