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Motor Vehicle accidents such as personal car, truck, and motorcycle accidents have grave repercussions. They can cause deaths, massive property damage, or leave you with permanent disabilities. At best, you may escape with minor scars and pain.

Either way, you need a dependable car accident and personal injury lawyer to advocate for your rights to receive medical attention and reimbursement for the consequent physical, emotional, and economic damages.

Who is HTY?

Hakim, Toma & Yaldoo (HTY)is a premiere car accident and personal injury law firm serving Ann Arbor and the greater Michigan state. Our legal team consists of adept, dedicated, and highly experienced car accident and personal injury attorneys, consultants, and private investigators among other support staff. 

We are dedicated to offer expert legal counsel, handle negotiations, and fiercely defend our clients’ rights through each case. We leverage world-class legal prowess, rich experience, and near-limitless resources to deliver big win verdicts and settlements to our clients.

Why Choose HTY?

Auto accident cases and personal injury claims involve a lot of legal processes, messy tussles, and multiple participants. Insurance companies are aware of this, and may try to coerce you to give in to a fraction of the settlement you deserve.

HTY acts as a middle-man between you and the other party involved in the car accident or personal injury claim. Our legal specialists handle all communication between you and the insurance carriers to ensure you aren’t guilt-tripped into confessing responsibility and accepting meagre settlement. This way, you can concentrate on healing and getting your life back together as we handle all the messy legal tussles and deliver you a big win.

Our experienced car accident and personal injury lawyers understand the complexity of personal injury claims. They leverage legal prowess, vast resources, and experience to fiercely advocate for your rights before, during, and after trial. You can trust us to handle even the ugliest case without shying away. 

Along with this, we provide personalized legal representation for each case. This ensures every case gets the best resources, experts, and time to net a big win verdict and settlement.


For 16+ years, we’ve been taking on government entities and big corporate giants, and continue winning big verdicts and millions in settlements to our clients. 


Our world-class car accident and personal injury attorneys, private investigators,professional consultants, medical specialists, and other support staff are at hand to deliver fool-proof evidence and guarantee you a favorable verdict and maximum settlement.

Custom Legal Services

Sustaining personal injury from a car accident, slip & fall accident, dog bite, medical malpractice, or using a harmful product can be traumatizing. It can lead to lost income, increased medical care bills, cause permanent impairment, or terminate a life.

In such cases, you need a reputable car accident attorney or personal injury lawyer to ensure you get justice and maximum compensation. HTY is here to ease the pain and allow you the peace of mind to recover fully as we advocate for your rights. Call 833-6-Win-Big to get in touch with our car accident and personal injury attorneys today.

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