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Auto Accidents 

Truck Accidents

When you suffer an injury in a motor vehicle accident, you need an attorney you can trust to protect your interests.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you need an experienced local attorney to take on the trucking companies.

Motorcycle Accidents

Dog Bite

We are dedicated to providing those injured in motorcycle accidents with personalized and first-class legal representation.

A serious dog bite can be a life-altering injury. Let our experienced dog bite attorneys help you get the recovery you deserve.

Medical Malpractice

Social Security Disability

We put our trust in the care of qualified medical professionals, but medical errors and resulting injuries can happen. Our experienced attorneys can help you with what to do next.

If you were denied Social Security Benefits or plan to apply for benefits, call our experienced social security disability lawyers to help you get the benefits you deserve.


Employment Law

An employment termination can be one of the most challenging and traumatic experiences in an individual’s life. We’re here to help you during this time.