Medical Malpractice

What happens when you trust your medical care or medical situation to qualified professionals, but errors, misdiagnosis, or negligence on their part leads to injury, life-altering medical complications – or even death?

According to a study by Johns Hopkins, more than 250,000 people in the United States die every year because of medical mistakes, making it the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Many of those medical mistakes are preventable. While even the most reputable medical professionals make mistakes, they don’t have to be at your expense.

Hakim, Toma & Yaldoo represents Michigan individuals and their families in medical malpractice lawsuits. Whether you or your loved ones have been the victim of a surgical or treatment mistake, misread or wrongly administered medical tests, pharmaceutical errors, misdiagnosis or other medical negligence, our attorneys will help guide you through this painful time and the confusing process of filing your case.

Contact Hakim, Toma & Yaldoo for the compassionate, trusted guidance you and your case need.  We understand the complexity of medical malpractice cases, and can navigate all of the issues associated with your claim and obtain the best compensation possible.

What kind of cases are medical malpractice cases?

Medical malpractice cases can result from a number of medical situations, including (but not limited to):

  • Birth Injuries
  • Neonatal & Pediatric Care Errors and Malpractice
  • Hospital Malpractice
  • Hospital Infections
  • Doctor Malpractice
  • Nurse Malpractice
  • Anesthesia Errors
  • Emergency Room Errors
  • Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice
  • Brain Injury Operation Errors
  • Neurosurgical Malpractice
  • Bariatric Surgery Malpractice
  • Other Surgical Errors
  • Emergency Room Negligence
  • Cancer Misdiagnosis
  • Heart Attacks & Cardiac Disease Misdiagnosis
  • Medication Errors
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Orthopedic Malpractice
  • Paralysis Injury
  • Radiology Malpractice
  • Sexual Abuse by Health Care Professionals

Which medical professionals can be liable in a medical malpractice situation?

Any licensed medical provider can cause and be held liable in your medical malpractice case, including:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Medical Technicians
  • Emergency Responders

Many medical malpractice cases include more than one negligent medical professional that can be found to have committed medical malpractice.  In those cases, it is likely that medical malpractice claims would be filed against multiple individuals.

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