Eastpointe Personal Injury Attorney

Eastpointe MI Personal Injury Attorney

You have just been hit by an oncoming vehicle. Your car is dented all over and the damages are giving you butterflies. How are you going to repair the car or should you just get a new one? You’re left wondering with no idea how to go about the whole situation.

You’re hurt but the injury isn’t that fatal. However, you still feel the pain. So unfortunate you don’t know where to start the entire process. Should you get a lawyer or should bygones be bygones?  But wait, we’ll let you in on a little secret:

If the cause of the accident isn’t your fault, you may need to file a lawsuit as a personal injury plaintiff. And by doing that, you’ll need one of the best Eastpointe, MI personal injury attorneys to take your case. This is the first step to ensuring you get compensated for damages.

We know how devastating the aftermath of an accident can be. Sometimes, you may end up with a lifetime disability. This only implies your productivity is going to take a plunge for as long as you’re still alive. Well, think about your family and other dependents, they deserve better.

That’s why we’d like to talk you into considering hiring a personal injury lawyer and sue the defendant. 

If you’re still wondering why you need to hire an Eastpointe, MI personal injury lawyer who is damn good at his/her job, then check this out.

When to Hire an Eastpointe MI Personal Injury Attorney

    • When You’re Seriously Hurt: Let’s face it! There’s only one life and definitely, your body doesn’t come with spare parts. Therefore, whenever you’re seriously hurt during an accident which isn’t your fault, it’s in order to get compensated for that. Truth be told, you may not work again for the rest of your life.
  • When You’re Not Insurance Savvy: Admittedly, the subject of buying insurance is pretty in-depth, and finding the information on your own may take a tall on you. If not done right, you may end up not getting anything. That’s why you need the services of a qualified and experienced Eastpointe, MI personal injury attorney.
  • When You Have Busy Schedules: The truth is that you can follow up for your own compensation. But this is practically impossible when you’re busy with other things. Like they say it, you can’t have it all. That’s why by hiring the personal injury attorney, you get to handle your own staff while he/she represents you. 

How Do I Find A Reliable Eastpointe, MI Personal Injury Lawyer?

Finding the best law firm to represent you can be tough. That’s why we’d like to recommend ourselves to you. At Hakim, Toma, and Yaldoo P.C, we’re the most reliable personal injury attorneys in Eastpointe, MI

Since 2003, we have successfully handled automobile accident-related cases. And throughout this time, we have helped our clients win millions in compensation. That’s why we’re persuaded we can help you too. 

Plus, by taking us up on this offer, you automatically become part of the family. Therefore, to reach out to us, call 855-558-8250 now, and let us help you get justice.

“Amer and his team made me feel like my case mattered. They were always available for me when I had questions. They are professional and do a great job at keeping me updated with my case. There was a day I ran into Amer while I was running an errand and I was impressed that he knew exactly who I was and details about my case that he asked about. That small interaction made me feel even more confident in Amer and his team.”

We chose the most professional firm to handle my dad’s case. Amer Hakim is so smart, aggressive, and experienced, he always called us and gave us updates. Our phone calls never were ignored and Amer called back himself if he was unable to answer. He and the staff treated us like family. I’m so glad we made the right choice by choosing this firm and I highly recommend it.

“I can’t thank you enough Amer, Tony, and his amazing team for all your hard work and dedication within regards to my case. I experienced my first car accident. They were patient, kind, understanding, and went above and beyond to make me feel normal. With so much abnormality in my life after the accident THIS team made me whole again. They are very let me repeat VERY honest and they stand by their words. Not only they are a great law firm but a great family. God bless you all.”

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