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If you have been injured in an automobile, motorcycle or truck accident, or are suffering from injuries caused by a dog bite or due to medical malpractice, you know how painful, confusing, and frightening the experience can be. What do you do? Where can you turn to find the trusted, compassionate help, answers, and representation you need during these challenging times?

At HTY, our experienced attorneys are committed to defending the rights and needs of auto accident and personal injury victims in Muskegon. Our lawyers deeply understand how automobile and medical insurance companies work, and will fiercely advocate for your rights and for the best outcome and maximum reward in your case. Our experience also includes fighting for those who have been denied Social Security Disability Benefits. Our track record of prevailing on behalf of our clients will help you get the benefits you worked hard for and rightfully deserve.

Providing the very best in expert representation in your automobile accident injury, personal injury, or Social Security Disability Benefits case, and building trusted, long-term client relationships are responsibilities we take seriously in every case we take on. Contact HTY to discuss your situation, and find out how we can help.


Car Accidents

Hurt in Auto Accident? Our Team Wins Millions for Our Clients!


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Bitten By a Dog? Our Team Wins Millions for Our Clients!


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Hurt in a truck accident? Our Team Wins Millions for Our Clients!


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Hurt in a motorcycle accident? Our Team Wins Millions for Our Clients!

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