Have you been involved in a traffic accident? Are you injured because of a car accident? 

If you are struggling with recovery or in dealing with the insurance company following your accident, you need a car accident lawyer to help you. 

An accident attorney can look out for your interests against the insurance company and other drivers involved in the accident. Read on to learn about the 5 reasons you should contact a car accident lawyer if you’ve been in an accident.

1. Accident With Severe Injury or Death

If you have been involved in an accident where there has been injury or death, you need an attorney right away. 

Often these kinds of accidents involve lawsuits and significant monetary issues. The insurance companies will low ball you without representation. 

Having an attorney on the case right away means they start gathering information right away and are able to work on your behalf almost immediately following the accident. 

Wondering if your injury merits an attorney? If you have any pain from an injury, you need an attorney. Often, car accident injuries linger and require long term rehabilitation. 

2. Long Term Injury 

Recovery can take a long time following an accident. You might feel like your recovery progress is not moving along very well. 

You might also feel like there hasn’t been a treatment yet that has been successful. 

If you were in a severe accident you might have long term injuries or disability because of the accident. You need a lawyer who will not only work to take care of medical care and rehabilitation but also lost wages if you are out of work. 

Having your lifestyle impacted because of an injury means you need a lawyer to build a strong case on your behalf. 

3. Missing Work

If your accident and subsequent injury have caused you to miss work, you need an attorney. Not only will you need help with damages, medical care but lost wages too. 

If you have a long term injury that creates a disability, you may need more than just wage compensation. 

If your accident impacts your earning power down the road, you want an attorney who knows how to calculate what you will need to take care of yourself. 

4. Multiple Vehicles Involved

The accident, damages, and settlement become more complicated if more than one vehicle was involved. Vehicles can be defined as cars, trucks, and motorcycles. 

When there are multiple vehicles a few things happen. There is potential for multiple injuries, which you likely already know. There is then more than one insurance company involved and probably more attorneys too. 

The blame game starts and each side wants the other side to cover costs. There may even be more than one lawsuit involved. 

You want an attorney who can handle all the arms of your case.

5. Insurance Blame

Remember, you need insurance to cover the cost of damages. But they don’t like paying out the money and will hand over the smallest amount they can get away with. 

If an attorney doesn’t represent you, they can sometimes be sneaky to avoid paying larger settlements. They may even say they don’t have to pay something because you did something wrong. 

When it comes to insurance companies, you need a lawyer so you get the settlement and coverage you deserve, not just what the insurance company says they are willing to pay.

Get a Car Accident Lawyer to Protect Your Interests

It’s hard enough recovering from a car accident, but even harder when you have to fight to protect your interests. For this reason, you need a car accident lawyer who understands the ins and outs of accident law.

You need someone who understands how to deal with insurance companies. 

We can help you if you’ve been in an accident. Contact us today to get the expert advice and help you need after your accident.  

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