According to the Department of Transportation, there are over 8 million registered motorcycles in the US.

Despite the popularity of motorcycles, they can be quite dangerous. Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately very common, and some of the related statistics are quite shocking.

Read on to learn five key facts about motorcycle accident law.

1. Weather Is Rarely a Factor in Motorcycle Accidents

All drivers complain of poor conditions now and again. Inclement weather makes driving more difficult for a host of reasons, including diminished visibility, treacherous surfaces, and an increase in the amount of room you should leave for braking.

Despite this, however, bad weather is not usually a cause of motorcycle accidents. Statistics show that, in 98% of motorcycle accidents, weather is not held to be a deciding factor.

2. Driver Behavior Is a Major Factor in Motorcycle Accidents

Many people think that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars simply because less protection is afforded to the rider by the lack of an enclosure or safety belt. However, this only tells half the story.

The truth is that the behavior of motorcyclists on the road is a major factor in motorcycle accident statistics.

Alcohol is a prominent cause of motorcycle road deaths, as is speed. 

While car drivers should take steps to protect motorcyclists, motorcyclists themselves often fail to use the road with due care.

3. There Is a Higher Death Rate in Motorcycle Accidents

The proportion of motorcyclists that lose their lives in accidents is much higher than the proportion of car users.

Due to the lack of protection offered by a motorcycle compared to a car, this might not come as a surprise. However, the extent of the difference might shock you.

For example, one 2017 study showed that, per mile traveled, a motorcyclist was 27 times more likely to die than a car driver.

Motorcycle fatality statistics vary significantly from state to state. In Nevada, motorcycle accidents accounted for over 22% of road deaths in 2016.

4. Helmets Save Lives

Many have questioned the efficacy of motorcycle helmets. Some wonder whether a helmet could possibly make any difference if you are flung from a motorcycle traveling at full speed.

However, the statistics show that helmets are indeed an important part of a motorcyclist’s safety kit. 

One report suggests that the wearing of a helmet reduces the risk of a serious head injury in a motorcycle accident by 69%. Additionally, they reduce the risk of death by 50%.

5. Motorcycle Accidents Cause Significant Economic Losses

When people think of motorcycle accidents, the first things that spring to mind are gruesome injuries and ruined vehicles. However, there is a huge amount of economic damage wrought by these accidents that people tend not to consider.

Market productivity loss is one of the most significant issues here. Every time an injury arises from an accident, the economy is deprived of a productive worker.

When this happens on a large scale, it amounts to a significant loss of output.

Providing Victims of Motorcycle Accidents With the Help They Need

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries, as well as financial difficulties and lasting trauma.

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