A car accident can be a traumatic event. And even if you don’t notice any obvious injuries right away, they can show up soon after. 

One of those signs is lower back pain after a car accident. Even if your back wasn’t directly involved in the impact, the forces of the collision can cause serious medical issues with your spine. 

Let’s take a look at the possible reasons you’re experiencing back pain after a car accident, and what you can do about it aside from consulting an experienced law firm

What Causes Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident?

When you’re zooming along and your vehicle comes in contact with another vehicle or a solid object, it stops suddenly. However, because of the laws of inertia, your body keeps moving until it’s stopped by the seatbelt or the dashboard. 

This kind of accident injury is called whiplash, and many people only associate it with neck pain. However, whiplash can actually do a lot of damage to the lower back as well. 

Damage to Spinal Discs

There are a number of factors why your back hurts after a car accident. One of them can be damage to the spinal discs, which provide cushioning between the bones of your spine. Trauma from a car accident can actually do immediate damage to these discs, resulting in intense pain and a limited range of motion. 

However, while a disc can be herniated from an accident, it may not hurt right away. But if the soft tissue that’s normally encased comes in contact with surrounding nerves, you’ll definitely know it.  

Sprains to the Lumbar Region

The lumbar region is the area of your lower back that naturally curves. However, when you’re in a car accident, the sudden force can stretch ligaments and muscles to their max in that area, resulting in lower back pain. 

Unlike some injuries, these are trickier to diagnose because they typically won’t show up on medical imaging. Instead, they rely more on a doctor’s expert assessment. 

Stenosis of the Spine 

Stenosis is the narrowing of the spine, which often happens naturally with aging. However, a car accident can create the same conditions. This is usually due to a piece of bone or a ruptured disc that puts pressure on the nerves inside your spine, causing pain, numbness, or weakness.

Treatments for Lower Back Pain From a Car Accident

Once a doctor has had a chance to look you over and diagnose the issue, there are some treatments available to provide relief. 

These approaches include physical therapy that aims to strengthen muscles and restore mobility through certain exercises. This is especially helpful for spinal stenosis. 

The doctor may also recommend over-the-counter pain medications. Or they may administer a steroid injection to provide relief for disc-related pain. 

Another option is surgery, but this is usually for when other approaches don’t work and the pain is lingering for months. 

Get Back to a Normal Routine

If you have lower back pain after a car accident, then rest assured there are treatments available. Be sure to connect with a doctor for an assessment if you’re experiencing pain following a collision. 

You should also contact us to help represent you legally following an injury from a vehicle accident.