The 3 Most Important Things to Do After a Dog Attack

Barking enraged shepherd dog outdoors

dog attack can be both painful and terrifying. Most people wish to forget about the situation as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the after-effects can last long beyond the initial attack.

Dog bites often cause nerve damage and the possibility of infection. You may miss work due to your injuries or, in severe cases, be unable to continue with your current profession. Victims of a dog attack also often suffer emotional damages like anxiety, nightmares, and extreme fear.

The steps you take after an attack can significantly impact your ability to receive appropriate compensation for your damages. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are the three most important things you need to do if you or a loved one is attacked by a dog.

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1. Seek Medical Attention

Always seek medical attention immediately after an animal attack. If left untreated, dog bites can result in serious disfigurement or permanent disability. If the dog in question is carrying a disease like rabies or you have a medical condition like diabetes or immunosuppressant disorder, even a small bite could even result in death.

Getting prompt medical attention also creates a documented evaluation of your injuries. If you end up going to court, this could be a critical part of your case.

2. Gather Evidence

Whenever possible, get the dog owner’s name, address, and phone number so you can follow up. Request that they provide you a copy of the vaccination records as soon as possible. This can help simplify your medical treatment.

If there were any witnesses to the attack, get their contact information as well. If you need to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit, these eyewitness accounts can make or break your case.

Always report your incident to animal control so they can conduct an investigation. If the dog is truly dangerous, this can help prevent another attack. The results of this independent investigation can also support your court case.

3. Consult a Professional

Filing a dog bite claim can be complicated, so contacting an experienced dog attack attorney is always a good idea. Most attorneys offer a free consultation and are willing to evaluate the details of your case. He or she can estimate your potential payout and determine the likelihood of a positive result based on similar cases and your state’s dog bite laws.

An attorney can also be instrumental in helping you negotiate with insurance companies to receive the settlement you deserve. Experienced attorneys are well-versed in the tactics companies use to get away with less-than-fair payments. They also know how to present the best arguments and evidence to help make your case.

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