Lansing, MI Car Accident Attorney

Win Big Verdicts and Settlements with HTY Car Accident Attorneys 

Getting involved in an auto accident can have devastating effects. You can lose life, suffer permanent disabilities, or sustain painful injuries. At best, you may escape with mild pain and a few concussions.

Either way, a car accident leaves you with some form of personal injury and impacts your normal routine. Consequently, your income might dwindle or, worse, you may lose your job. 

In such cases, you need a competent and compassionate car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney to hold your hand in the ensuing legal tussle. A reliable lawyer will handle all requisite negotiations, paperwork, and lawsuit to give you a winning verdict, fair compensation, and peace of mind as you recover. 

Why Should You Choose HTY? 

There are many reasons we trample our competition in car accident cases and personal injury claims. 

  • Guaranteed Big Win Verdicts and Settlements

Most car accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys will promise you a favorable verdict and fair compensation. However, at HTY, we guarantee you a Big Win verdict and the maximum settlement for property damages, economic loss, and any other loss you suffer from the accident.

Our law firm has won favorable verdicts and some of the biggest settlements for car accident and personal injury claims in Lansing and Michigan at large.

  • Top-tier legal representation

Car accident cases and personal injury claims can get really messy. You can expect to face off with tough and thorough defence counsel for the insurance companies. Furthermore, you’ll be up against multiple parties in a legal tussle.

HTY is dedicated to fiercely defend your rights and fight for the maximum possible compensation for your loss. We have the requisite legal resources, specialists, and the commitment to successfully negotiate or fight for the best settlement for our clients.

Along with world-class car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers, we have a host of specialist car accident consultants, private investigators, and medical professionals among other qualified support staff. Our experts leverage years of experience, hands-on legal prowess, and compassion to fight for your rights and compensation.

  • Personalized legal representation

Each car accident case and personal injury claim is different. It not only involves different parties but also consists of different settlement terms and processes. Thus, you need a car accident attorney or personal injury lawyer who’s well versed in personal injury claims and processes.

We listen keenly to each case before suggesting the best course of action. Afterward, we dedicate our resources and time to offer you a custom-tailored legal representation package that’s specific and unique to your case. This ensures every client’s case receives our best attention to guarantee our Win Big promise.

  • Proven track record

At HTY, we don’t only promise you a Big Win verdict and settlement. Rather, we have  a proven track record to back our claims. For 16+ years, our auto accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys have taken on some of the most feared personal injury claims and motor vehicle accident cases across Michigan and delivered favorable verdicts and handsome settlements to our clients.

Our legal experts don’t shy away from any case. In fact, we’ve taken on dreaded giant corporations  and government entities, and won big. 

Expert Legal Representation a Phone Call Away

Matters can quickly spiral out of control after a car accident. Medical bills can pile up, your income might take a dive, and you may sustain long-term or permanent scars. It’s even worse if the responsible insurance carriers are snowballing your settlement claims. 

Call 833-6-Win-Big immediately after a car accident in Lansing to discuss your situation and chart the best course of action. We promise to listen to your case and then offer counsel on how best we’ll deliver you a Big Win verdict and maximum reimbursement for your losses.