How You Can Prove Your Hit and Run Case?

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In 2015, 5,376 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes. Nineteen percent of those killed were victims of a hit and run incident.

Of course, pedestrians aren’t the only people harmed in these kinds of accidents. In fact, 11% of all traffic crashes are hit and runs. Many times, this involves a driver hitting another car and taking off.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to hold an unknown driver responsible in court – however, it can be done. When a collision occurs, justice must be pursued for the person at fault.

If you or someone you know was involved in an incident, let this guide help you find the justice you seek.

Hit and Run Collisions

The legal definition of a hit and run accident is one where a driver knowingly hits a person or object with their vehicle and flees the scene.

Obviously, they can be difficult to prove not only because the victim often can’t identify the driver, but also, once the defendant is found, the prosecution must prove they committed this crime knowingly. Fortunately, there are ways to prove your case.

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Help the Police

Since you probably have no idea who perpetrated this traffic crash, the police need every detail they can get to help find the identity of the perpetrator.

This is why everyone should always have a pen and paper ready in their vehicle. Immediately following an accident, make sure to write down the make and model of the car. If you can remember any part of the vehicle’s tag, write that down as well, even if it’s only one or two digits. Look around for witnesses and try to get their information.

Of course, if your case is a hit and run that does not involve your vehicle, but your property or person, that’s another situation altogether. The best thing you can do is immediately call the police and share every detail you remember.

Help Your Insurance Company

Not only do the police have their work cut out for them, but your insurance company does as well. They will need to make decisions about your hit and run claim.

Not only are the make, model, and license plate of the car important, but the time and place of the crash as well. Hopefully, you have a smartphone on you so that you can take pictures of the damage right after the incident. This will help your insurance company dismiss suspicion of fraud.

With these details, your lawyer can work with the police and the insurance company to find the responsible party and hold them accountable. The police, your insurance company, and your lawyer all want a favorable outcome.

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