Detroit Personal Injury Attorney

Detroit Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury is devastating physically, emotionally and financially. But, it’s worse when the injury occurs as a result of others’ negligence. 

Once we ascertain that the injury meets the grounds sufficient to file a personal injury lawsuit as it occurred for no fault of your own, you can leave it to us to pursue the claim.

You don’t have to go through the trouble alone. We are here to walk with you through the whole recovery journey. Our aim at HTY is to ensure that you are reasonably compensated for the injury. 

When to Engage a Personal Injury Attorney

Cases that qualify for a personal injury attorney may vary from one state to the other, however for Detroit residents, the following cases qualify under the personal injury law:

  1. Motor vehicle accidents

Car accidents can leave you at a loss both physically and emotionally. To protect your interests, you need a reliable personal injury attorney who is well qualified to win you big.

Over the years, we have represented clients under the truck, car, and motorcycle accidents, winning millions of dollars in the different categories.

Engage us to handle any auto accidents, and we will work round the clock to ensure justice is served.

Pet and dog bites

Other people’s animals and dogs should not be a threat to you. However, if you have been attacked by a dog or any animal that was negligently let loose, then it’s within your right to file a case.

Medical malpractices

Medical issues, when handled negligently, can subject you to life-threatening or altering challenges. Engage our experienced personal injury attorney to guide you on the best legal channel to pursue.

Slip and fall accidents

Most of the slip and fall accidents could have been avoided if relevant parties had acted diligently in the first place. So don’t suffer in silence; contact us today for the best legal representation on slip and fall accidents.

Why Choose Us as Your Personal Injury Attorney

Over the years, we have built our name as Detroit’s most sought-after personal injury attorneys. The growth stems from the values we uphold as a firm and the undivided attention we accord to every case we handle.

We have had massive wins in the corridors of justice, especially in the auto accidents claims winning millions for our clients.

These values have clients recommending us to their friends and acquaintances:

  • Compassion

As personal injury attorneys, our primary goal is to help you get the best possible compensation for the injuries suffered in terms of medical care, financial compensation and any support you need to get back on your feet.

  • Communication

As we are working on your case, we understand you may not avail yourself for the mentions all the time given the injuries. Relax. We will constantly update you on the progress of the case and advise you accordingly.

  • Honesty

In our practice, we constantly endeavor to remain truthful and open in all our dealings. In addition, when handling your case, we ensure you are well equipped with all the relevant details of the case.

  • Patience

As a personal injury attorney, the need for patience is paramount. We understand the nature of injuries may require more listening time and patience in explaining the legal matters abound.

At HTY, we allow our clients to ask all questions about the lawsuit and take time to expound on all the legal implications.

Looking for competent legal guidance and representation in any personal injury area? Call us at 855-558-8250