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Have you had a fall and been injured? Do you know that with an experienced slip and fall attorney, you could get proper compensation? 

If the accident is no fault of yours, you need to get a good lawyer to help identify the liability of the property owner and help you get the necessary compensation. HTY offers the best Slip and Fall Attorneys in Detroit, Michigan.

Causes of slip and fall accidents

A slip and fall is common in places such as; swimming pools, grocery stores, malls, business areas, playgrounds, public parks, and apartment buildings. For buildings with high traffic, certain conditions should be met daily or a routine should be in place to ensure safety across the building.

While slip and falls can be seen as simple accidents, many people ignore the underlying factor that several property owners are careless about certain aspects of their buildings. 

If you are involved in an accident, you could sue for a slip and fall accident when there is no warning about dangerous conditions such as:

  • Broken or missing handrails
  • Broken stairs, walkways or sidewalks
  • Wet, greasy or slippery floors without adequate warnings
  • Poor lightings in pathways, hallways, or stairwells
  • Obstacles such as electrical cables on the walkway
  • Ice or snow on the stairs, walkways or parking lot
  • Worn or torn carpets or rugs
  • Uneven flooring or sidewalk
  • Loose floorboards

Common Injuries from a slip and fall accident

About 1 in every 5 slip and fall cases results in very serious injuries. These injuries could be of varying degrees such as:

  • Bruises and lacerations that could be both outside or internal
  • Fractures of different types; ankles, hips, toes, wrists
  • Sprain or injuries to your ligaments
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • In rare situations, the fall has caused death either directly or indirectly

Irrespective of the level of injury, what is certain is that these can result in medical bills, affect a person’s income or cause both physical and mental sufferings.

What to do if you have a slip and fall accident?

If you are involved in a slip and fall, try seeking medical attention immediately. Get a medical evaluation even if you do not feel injured to be certain you have not experienced any internal injury. 

This is due to the possibility that injuries from these events may not be immediately apparent and instead may result in significant suffering for days or weeks.

With that, seek slip and fall lawyers in Detroit with the full details of what happened and the medical report to cover it. According to Michigan law, complaints must be filed three years after the incident. So get in touch with our attorneys immediately away so they can fight for your rights and secure the necessary recompense for you.

What your slip and fall covers

Detroit slip and fall attorneys help fight for your right in cases where you have suffered any injury or hurt. You are entitled to different types of compensation depending on the damage, the circumstance of the accident and the degree of injuries you encountered. Compensations could range from;

  • Financial compensations that cover costs incurred as a result of the accidents such as the medical bills both current and future, lost wages, property damage, and rehabilitation in cases. Damages could also be paid if the accidents resulted in the death of a family member 
  • Non-financial compensations cover damages such as emotional distress, pain, and suffering. 
  • And punishments to the offenders for their recklessness

Getting experienced slip and fall lawyers in Detroit could help you win the most appropriate compensation. 

How do you prove a Slip and Fall?

People should be held accountable for causing accidents they otherwise could have prevented. The Michigan law provides conditions that can be held onto to make slip and fall claims. These include:

  • That the liable party was negligent, refusing to fix or install preventive measures for the hazard
  • That the hazard was known to the liable party
  • That the negligence on the part of the liable party caused your accident and the accompanying injuries or hurts.
  • That you were on the property legally and not as a trespasser
  • That you did not contribute to the fall in any way. This means you were not walking in the area when you were drunk nor were you distracted in any way.

Once these are established, you can trust us as Detroit’s finest slip and fall attorney to comb the lengths in fighting for your rights. As personal injury lawyers we seek to protect the rights of our clients in every instance so we handle every personal injury case diligently. 

What we can help you do

Because getting a slip and fall claim requires adequate knowledge and information, you need to hire an experienced attorney to work on this. If you need slip and fall lawyers near me, a reputed firm like HTY offers a competent Detroit Slip and Fall Attorney. We do this by:

Effective communication

We believe you have a story to tell and we do well to hear you out. Also, we know how important proper communication is for proper representation and to help deliver the expected result, so we keep information flowing.

Proper investigation

Once we hear your case, we dig in to investigate properly. Our investigations help us determine who is responsible for the accident. Additionally, assembling any required paperwork, such as reports and medical records, may be required. By doing so, we amass all the evidence required to substantiate your claim and assist us in choosing the most effective manner of settlement. 

Getting experts

We are empathetic with all of our clients above and beyond the legal process. When necessary, we aid in locating professionals who can testify in your favor and provide therapies for you.

Proper representation 

Often, many defendants choose to settle out of court and may set up meetings with those affected and their insurance companies. A smart move is to always go with your lawyer so you don’t get undercut. 

At any level, we effectively represent you before the insurance provider to make sure your rights are upheld. You may rely on us to conduct effective negotiations on your behalf in order to obtain fair recompense. Though it doesn’t happen often, we can advocate your interests in court if necessary. 

Do not keep quiet where your right needs to be well represented. We help our clients to get fair compensation for all their injuries and hurts. Call us today.

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