A Wrongful Death case happens when an individual dies because of the negligence of another person. When this happens, the survivors or close relatives can sue for ‘Wrongful Death. When these types of cases come up, there are several compensations which you can apply for. These compensations include lost wages, lost companionship, and funeral rites expenses.

Furthermore, this type of claim happens when another person doesn’t act well. Most people guilty of Wrongful Death include drivers, electricians, bartenders, and janitors.

While Wrongful Death statutes differ from state to state, in Detroit, some people can sue for these types of deaths and there is also a cap on the damages that can be applied.

If you aren’t clear if you should file a case or Wrongful Death or not, read on as we will answer many questions on this topic.

Who can file for Wrongful Death in Detroit?

When a loved one dies, a Detroit court will immediately appoint a representative for the dead person’s estate. Such a person is known as a fiduciary who ensures proper management of all deceased estates until they are shared with the beneficiaries. 

Also, it is this person who can file a case on behalf of the dead person’s family. What this implies is that this representative for the time being is the only legal entity that can sue for Wrongful Death. 

While this representative can be anybody, usually the person is someone named in the will left behind by the representative. In most cases, a spouse, parents, and an adult child are usually named as the representative of the deceased. 

Which deaths are considered Wrongful in Detroit? 

In Detroit, any death caused by neglect or the fault of another person is termed Wrongful. In plain terms, any avoidable death will be considered Wrongful Detroit. They include:


Negligence is a common Wrongful Death in Detroit. In this case, you have examples such as drivers making calls or being distracted by text behind the wheel. Also covered in negligence are deaths caused by nurses or caregivers who don’t provide adequate care for patients. 

Medical malpractices 

Wrongful deaths of this type comprise deaths caused by an erroneous diagnosis of a sickness, wrong medications, or administering unorthodox treatments. 

Product liability 

When a drug causes death, then the manufacturer might be sued for Wrongful Death. This is common with drugs that have many design faults and are called back by the manufacturers. 

Work accidents 

When an employee dies due to bad or inadequate care in the office, the employer might be sued. Also, many factories or manufacturing plants that refuse to adhere to the Detroit safe regulations, might be sued if any death is linked to them. 

The above deaths aren’t exhaustive enough as there are other cases of these deaths. You will need to talk to an HTY legal representative if you are planning to sue. Call us today for better clarification. 

How to file for a Wrongful Death claim? 

If you have a case of Wrongful Death and you wish to file a civil suit, call a professional personal injury lawyer in Detroit to assess the legality of the case. When this is done, the attorney will immediately start a pre-suit and filling process.

Detroit has some defined time limits when a Wrongful Death must be filed. These rules known as the statute of limitations contained instructions on the best time to file a case. However, it’s recommended to always start a Wrongful Death process days after the victim’s death. 

Also, be warned that if you are filing a case like this against government establishments, they have initial notice requirements. You will need to notify the government quickly. In Detroit, it ranges from three to seven weeks to notify them. Your best bet is to talk to a reliable personal injury attorney fast. A credible attorney will know how to file your case fast and navigate all muddy waters. 

How are Wrongful Death suits decided in Detroit? 

Unlike in criminal cases where the accused is only sentenced when there is proven evidence against him. In Detroit, civil cases like Wrongful death are determined based on what is termed ‘ Preponderance of evidence. What this implies is that a Detroit court determines if the accused is 53%.more responsible for the death or not. When you hire an experienced personal injury attorney at HTY Law firm, you have a good chance of nailing the accused. 

For criminal cases in Detroit, an accused can be exonerated for murder, however, still found liable for legal responsibility by the jury. However, when it concerns Wrongful deaths, it doesn’t work like that. If it’s proven that the death could be avoided if you are a bit responsible, you will be liable. 

What’s the total amount of financial compensation expected from a Wrongful Death case? 

In Detroit, there are no limits to the financial rewards, you can get for Wrongful Death death can’t be quantified, so there isn’t any limit. If you have a good case, you can be asked for compensation for the medical and burial cost of the deceased. The pain and anguish suffered by you and other close relatives will also be taken into consideration when seeking compensation. 

Some factors considered by the Detroit court when issuing compensations in these cases include, the deceased earning power, status, age, and other factors. When you talk to a lawyer at HTY law, they can help invoke testimony from accountants to show how much the family has lost due to such deaths. 

Who should you contact about a Wrongful Death? 

With years of experience in personal injury cases and other civil cases in Detroit, HTY Law has helped many people with Wrongful Death cases. We have the best attorneys and staff who are professionals and know how to handle all personal injury cases. We are available 24/7 to answer all your questions and proffer solutions. To reach us, you can call or mail us anytime. We will get justice for your loved one.

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