Best Michigan Uber Accident Lawyer

You have been using uber services in Michigan for a while and it’s been all smooth. Then, from nowhere, the most unlikely of events happen. As you go around running your errands on uber, unfortunately, there’s an accident. 

You’re left frustrated and frightened. Not forgetting the injury and the trauma. Then you think to yourself, what next after all these. Truth be told, you’d have to deal with the pain and eventually spend some funds on your healthcare. And trust us, we know how costly it can get!

It’s these kinds of events that lead you to think, what if I could get uber to pay for the losses? But with limited information on how to go about this, it’s actually like going after a wild goose. If you were to ask us, we’d recommend that you find the best Michigan uber accident lawyer.

Can I really Sue Uber after being injured in the accident?

You could still be wondering if that’s possible or not. The truth is, you can sue Uber. And the best part, you can do it whether the driver was at fault or not. Remember, you’ve been injured and currently dealing with pain and medical bills awaits you.

The best you can get at this moment is compensation. And this can only happen when you sue uber or whoever else was involved in the accident. Besides, the pain and suffering may not be temporary or something that needs a quick, once and for all fixing.

Sometimes, you may have to live with recurring medical bills, disability, and severe pain. If you’re to get the justice you deserve, you surely need to sue every party that’s involved. But before thinking of that, you need to prove the liability and the damages.

There are two scenarios of liability in question. One, when the Uber driver is at fault, and two, when the driver is not at fault. How should you go about these, and what policies are put in place to protect you and everyone else? So, here’s the thing:

If the Uber driver caused the accident, you can go ahead and slap him/her with a lawsuit. But If he/she is not, you can sue the other uber driver. However, if they don’t have the appropriate insurance policy in place, your claim may never amount to anything. 

That’s why the vehicle code policies demand that companies like uber have $1 million in insurance. This is for death insurance, personal injury, and damage to property. As you can see, you can sue uber for any damages they caused you since they’re insured.

But here’s the problem:

Uber Accident Lawyer near Me

Every insurance company is on a mission to deny such claims. And if you’re to negotiate with them on your own, you may never get anything even when the damages are clear. To save you from this kind of frustration and loss, you need to find a car attorney to represent you.

The good news is, this is where we come in. So, to find us call 855-558-8250 NOW!