Amer Hakim
Founder and Managing Partner
Hakim, Toma & Yaldoo

Amer Hakim always wanted to be an attorney – but if he wasn’t a lawyer, he would be a school teacher. “I have always been interested in helping people, and I’m too squeamish around blood to be a doctor,” Amer laughs. “In fact, at Hakim, Toma & Yaldoo, we are always teaching: our clients, about the legal issues and other factors that affect their case, and juries, as to why they should award in favor of our clients. The teacher in me truly enjoys that part of my job.”

Ensuring his clients are knowledgeable and involved, and essentially become part of own their case’s team is one of the things Amer enjoys the most about Hakim, Toma &Yaldoo’s client approach. “We take pride in being client-centric and making sure that each client is informed at every stage of their case, so that they can help be their own best advocate, and understand why we do what we do,” said Amer. “Clients have one shot at winning their case. The case’s outcome means everything to them, and it means everything to us.”

As founder and Managing Partner of Hakim, Toma & Yaldoo, Amer didn’t set out to create the largest auto accident and personal injury law firm in Michigan – he set out to create the best auto accident and personal injury law firm in Michigan. He measures the firm’s success by the substantial verdicts and settlements they have secured for their clients, and the solid client relationships and referrals that have resulted from the firm’s unwavering commitment to outstanding client service. “I have always been inspired to fight for injured people who are not in the position to help themselves against insurance companies. Some of my favorite cases are the most complex and challenging ones that other lawyers said no to or dropped altogether, and that Hakim, Toma & Yaldoo ultimately succeeded on.”

Amer (like the rest of Hakim, Toma & Yaldoo’s staff) works hard for his clients – but his spare time is all about his three children. “I love hanging out with my kids and experiencing life through their lens. Our children are our legacy, and we owe it to them to be present and to encourage their dreams. As a parent, there is nothing more important.”

If you need an auto accident or personal injury attorney, why does Amer think you should call Hakim, Toma & Yaldoo?  “If you want a firm that’s big enough to take on the multi-million-dollar insurance companies, but small enough to work hard for you, put the proper effort into your case, and give you the personalized attention you and your case deserve, then come to us. We are here to help, and to win for you.

Amer continues, “My favorite part of being an attorney is every time a client says ‘thank you.’ Knowing that I have been able to use my legal training and experience to help clients through some of the most challenging times of their lives is incredibly satisfying. Hearing that ‘thank you’ never gets old, and I will always strive to hear it until I reach the end of my career. It’s why I get up every day.”