Are there any professions more American than truck driving? As of 2020, there are over 3.5 million truckers currently hauling goods across the width and breadth of this country.

Every year, more and more people decide that a life on the road is what they’re looking for and decide to take up driving work. However, while being a trucker offers flexibility, decent pay, and excitement, that’s not the whole story.

New truck drivers should be prepared for the trucking truth, as it helps to be prepared for the downsides of this demanding line of work. If you want to know the full truth about OTR driving, read on to find out. 

1. Truck Driver Pay Varies Significantly

The first important trucking truth is that truck driver pay may not be what you hoped for. Some companies pay well, while others pay pretty poorly.

For example, while a truck driver for Walmart can expect a base pay of around $73,000, the national average is closer to $40,000. Choose your employer wisely.

2. You Can Be Liable For Damage 

This one might shock some first-time truck drivers. If you get into an accident or incident that involves stock being damaged or stolen, you might be liable.

The same can be said of any incident that involves the injury of another person. That’s why it is crucial for all truckers to have an experienced auto attorney they can turn to in case the worst happens. 

3. Trucking Can Be A Lonely Trade

Put simply, driving work can be pretty lonely at times. While city truck driving involves shorter journeys, OTR driving can keep you on the road, alone, for days on end.

All of this can take a toll on inexperienced drivers. Remember to keep in touch with friends and family during long drives, and to socialize on the trucker radio network. 

4. Flexibility Is A Vital Skill

Being a successful truck driver is about so much more than simply saying “I’ll drive your truck!”. You need mental agility and in-demand job skills. Of these, flexibility is more important.

Say you’re driving through bad weather that has pushed your delivery time back a day. What do you do? You’ll still be on the hook for late delivery, meaning you’ll need to adapt to get the job done in time. 

5. Perseverance And Endurance Matter

In addition to flexibility, plenty of endurance is also needed. Sitting behind the wheel for a day at a time is much more exhausting than you might think.

You’ll need total dedication and a willingness to work hard if you want to get ahead in this competitive industry. 

6. You Will Need To Take Care of Yourself

Finally, self-care is crucial. If you’re feeling tired, stop the truck. If you’re sitting still for 12 hours at a stretch, make sure to get some exercise at your next pit-stop.

Avoid roadside junk food and make sure to eat plenty of fruit whenever possible. All of these will make you a healthier, happier, more effective trucker. 

Learn More About The Trucking Truth

Now that you know the basics of the trucking truth, it’s time to get prepared. Make sure you’re ready for anything by hiring a professional auto lawyer who can protect you if the worst occurs.