Do you think you know all the ins and outs of the driving laws in Michigan? Did you know you can’t buy cars on Sundays in towns with populations smaller than 130,000?

There are a lot of little nuances like this one written into Michigan law. Read on to learn the top five Michigan auto laws you need to know about before getting on the road.

1. Slow Drivers Stay to the Right

You’ve likely seen a few memes on this subject, but is it actually the law for slow cars to stay in the right lane?

In Michigan, it is. If there are more than two lanes going in the same direction, you should always drive in the right one. The left lane should only get used for passing, making a left turn, or when traffic is heavy.

2. Zero Tolerance for DUI

This law speaks for itself. No driver should be behind the wheel if they’ve consumed an intoxicating substance. This includes:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription pills

If you’re caught violating this law, you’ll face serious criminal and civil penalties.

3. Yellow Light: To Run or Not to Run

We’ve learned it since we were kids — green means go and red means stop. Yellow, though, is much more ambiguous. It means caution, but does that mean you can speed through it?

Here’s what every driver must know in Michigan:

  • You must stop at an intersection when it’s safe to do so at a yellow light
  • You can get a ticket for running a yellow light
  • You can only go through a yellow light if it’s dangerous to stop

In short, stop at yellow unless you can’t. Otherwise, you may get a ticket and a fine.

4. Cellphone Use While Driving

Many states have adopted hands-free laws, which means no cellphone use while driving. Michigan has yet to enact such a law. Several local ordinances have, though.

In most areas, you’re fine to use your cellphone while driving. If you’re on the phone AND violate a traffic law, then you could get charged with careless driving.

The most dangerous roads in Michigan are the most traveled. If you’re in a high traffic area, then you’re more likely to encounter distracted drivers. They aren’t violating the law, though, until they actually commit an infraction.

5. Executing the Perfect Michigan Left

Drivers in Michigan have a unique way of tackling left turns across traffic. In other states, motorists take a left by going straight across several lanes of traffic.

In Michigan, you should take a right turn followed by a U-turn. This motion is both faster and safer.

Your Duty to Obey Michigan Auto Laws

Why is it so important to understand Michigan auto laws and adhere to them? Anyone who gets behind the wheel has a duty to provide for the safety of others.

If you break a traffic law, then you’re responsible for the financial fallout that ensues.

If you got hurt by a reckless driver, then you deserve compensation. Check out the legal services we provide and contact us today to get started on your claim.