The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries Bikers Face

motorcycle accident injury

Rider inspecting their motorcycle

In the United States, close to 100,000 people are injured in motorcycle accidents every year. And the cost of motorcycle accident injuries can be catastrophic.

In fact, some estimates have pegged the cost of motorcycle accidents at $16 billion every year. Unfortunately, much of that cost often lands on the motorcyclist.

But there are patterns to look out for in order to avoid injuries or understand how to seek out compensation. We’ve looked at the data and identified the most common motorcycle accident injuries hitting bikers.

The Cause of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Why are motorcyclists at such a high risk of injury? Unlike with other vehicles, bikers don’t have any cushion from the elements. They aren’t surrounded by metal framework or a buffer from the road.

That means the biker faces more direct blows from other vehicles. They also come in direct contact with pavement more often than people in cars.

It also means there are several common motorcycle injuries that bikers face.

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Bone Breaks and Fractures

One study in Brazil found the most common bone fractures for motorcyclists to be in the legs and lower body. This is because bikers often are hit directly by vehicles.

When things go wrong, a motorcyclist also might lose control and tip over. That means legs can get pinned or twisted between the road and the bike.

Aside from the head, when a motorcyclist wears a helmet, the body’s skeleton is relatively unprotected from heavy impact. The result is broken bones.

Here are some common fractures for motorcyclists:

  • Legs
  • Hands
  • Wrists
  • Ribs
  • Collarbones
  • Spine

Biker’s Arm

When a motorcyclist sees a big impact coming, the common reaction is to try to stop it by reaching out an arm. Rather than cushion the blow, the result is usually severe damage to the arm and upper body.

Many motorcyclists who have accidents end up with nerve damage, breaks, or other injuries from the arm being pushed into the rest of the body.

Road Rash and Open Wounds

Another one of the most common bike accident injuries is caused by the skin tearing open.

This usually happens when the motorcyclist hits the pavement directly and rubs against the road.

Bikers also often hit the road or a vehicle so hard that a bone will drive through the skin. These open wounds and road rash can be especially dangerous because they can result in infection or a person bleeding out.

Head Injuries

Damage to the head and brain results in one of the most common motorcycle accident injuries when helmets are not used. And some estimates have suggested nearly half of motorcyclists don’t wear a helmet when riding.

Humans’ skulls are the body’s last line of protection for the brain. Since bikers often travel at a high rate of speed and hit objects hard during an accident, the skull becomes vulnerable without a helmet.

The cost of a brain injury can be severe and often include concussions and brain damage.

Shield Yourself From the Cost of Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle accident injuries can end up leaving victims with longterm damage and high costs.

Have you struggled with a motorcycle injury? Visit our blog to see when you should sue for a personal injury.