Over 1 million people die per year in the US due to road crashes.

While not every crash is fatal, most are life-altering. They can lead to permanent injuries, extreme distress, and a large amount of debt. Luckily, some are minor and can be handled fairly quickly.

Depending on what you drive can make a large difference in the crash. Motorcycles and cars are obviously two very different types of vehicles, and there is a big difference in the crashes.

Keep reading to find out more about the difference between car crashes and motorcycle crashes.

The Hazards of Motorcycles

One of the biggest differences between car and motorcycles crash is the visibility of the vehicle in a crash. Because motorcycles are much smaller, a large handful of crashes happen because another driver did not see the motorcycle.

While wearing protective gear and a helmet is crucial when riding a motorcycle, you’re still lacking the seatbelts and airbags a car provides. Because of this, motorcycle crashes can be more fatal than car crashes.

Motorcycles, overall, require more skill and caution than a car. Inexperienced motorcycle drivers can be a major danger on the road.

Even though a car is sounding extremely safer in the comparison of the two, extreme caution is still required when driving a car. There are plenty of shocking statistics based on car crashes. 

Causes of Crashes

When looking at motorcycle and car crashes, many of the main causes are different between the two.

Regarding car crashes, some of the top causes include driver fatigue, distracted driving, and alcohol consumption. It’s extremely important to only operate vehicles when sober and with no distractions. Make sure you’re well-rested before getting behind the wheel.

Top causes for motorcycle crashes include speeding, collisions, and road hazards. When driving a motorcycle, be sure to follow all road laws and keep alert for any debris in the road. Anticipate any stops. 

Bias Against Motorcyclists 

If a case in court does include a motorcycle crash, jurors can often be biased against motorcyclists due to the stigma around reckless drivers. The minority of reckless motorcycle drivers often leave vivid memories in people’s heads. 

Lawyers dealing with these biases should address the biases and challenge them. They should also gather proof that the defendant is a safe, alert driver. when operating a motorcycle.

It’s also best for the jury to understand safe motorcycle practices and the basic operations of a motorcycle. This will give further insight when reaching a verdict. 

Motorcycle Crashes vs. Car Crashes: The Truth

Above are some truths and facts around motorcycle crashes and car crashes. Whether it’s crash causes or legal processes, the two types of crashes carry a large number of differences. 

Overall, motorcycles are trickier to operate. Driving them requires a great bit of attention and skill, and it’s always important to watch for them on the road. While they are dangerous, there can be an unfair bias around some motorcycle drivers. 

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