When Should You Hire a Minor Auto Accident Attorney?

Car accident involving two cars on the road

T rue or false: if you are involved in an accident that’s minor — a fender-bender, for example — you don’t require the services of an attorney.

If you answered “false,” you need to keep reading! It’s absolutely in your best interest to consult with a minor auto accident attorney. Here’s why.

Sometimes Insurance Isn’t Enough

Let’s say that you are involved in a minor auto accident. You’re stopped at a red light when another vehicle rear-ends you, or someone sideswipes your vehicle in a parking lot.

Even though you’re not injured in the accident, there is some damage to your car. In many cases, it’s enough to exchange insurance details with the other driver, and then file a claim with your insurance company.

However, that’s not always enough. What if the other party doesn’t have insurance? Or what if they promised to pay for the damage to your car out of pocket, but fail to do so?

This is when a minor auto accident attorney’s services can come in handy. They will ensure that you get compensation for the damages to your car, whether from the other driver himself or from his insurance company.

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Protecting Your Best Interests

When you are the victim of another person’s careless driving, it isn’t fair that you have to pay for repairs to your car, or increases in your insurance premiums. Consulting with a minor auto accident attorney can help protect your best interests.Car accident involving two cars on the road

Even seemingly minor cosmetic damage to your car can be incredibly expensive to fix! That’s why you need a lawyer on your side, so that you don’t get stuck footing the bill for something that wasn’t your fault.

In the Event of Injury

Even a minor accident can leave you feeling shaken and scared. What’s more, it can leave you injured, even if the injuries are not immediately apparent. Many injuries and health issues can arise several hours, days, or even weeks after an auto accident.

For this reason, make sure you get checked out by a healthcare professional as soon as possible after the crash. And then, call an attorney for a free, no-obligation consultation!

Why Not Call a Minor Auto Accident Attorney?

Smart people make inquires about an attorney, even if the accident was minor and its resolution goes smoothly. You just never know when it might be necessary to have a legal representative on your side.

And after all, there’s no reason not to consult with a lawyer about your car accident. They won’t charge you any money upfront; in fact, most attorneys won’t take any money from you at all unless and until they win your case.

These professionals undergo years of education and on-the-job training, so they have knowledge and experience that a layperson simply doesn’t have. That means they can advise you on legal matters that you might have even known existed!

If You Have Been In an Accident

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