Are you currently drowning in debt after a car crash? Despite paying into insurance every month, getting compensated after an accident isn’t easy.

Often, victims need an auto accident lawyer to help them get financial relief. Why? The injured has to go to battle against the at-fault driver and insurance companies.

Keep reading to learn the steps you need to take if you want to find the best auto accident lawyer to represent you.

Do Your Research

There are over 1.3 million practicing lawyers across the nation. How do you narrow your search down to ensure you’ve got the best possible attorney? 

Take your search online. Set parameters for your initial search by entering in your location.

You should also include the words “personal injury” or “car accident”. This alerts the search engine to ignore lawyers near you who focus on other areas of the law.

This search should bring up several different lawyers in your area. Now, you need to go through each of these results and vet them. Here’s what to look for when researching different attorneys:

  • Location of the office
  • Practice areas
  • The size of the law firm
  • Positive or negative reviews

These factors should help you narrow down your list to a few remaining lawyers. Rank them based on your research, and pick two or three to call.

Interview Your Auto Accident Lawyer

Schedule an initial consultation with your top choices. This consultation will help you make your final decision. Think of this meeting like an interview, and be sure to ask your lawyer specific questions.

An ideal attorney is knowledgeable in auto accident law. They’ll have a good idea of what you’ll need to prove and how much your case is worth. 

You’ll also want to get a feel of how serious your attorney is about your claim. The last thing you want is an attorney who is eager to settle and move on to the next claim.

You want someone who takes a genuine interest in you.

You want someone who is willing to go to trial to ensure your compensation is fair. Only about 5% of personal injury claims go to trial, but you still want someone who’s prepared to do so.

Make a Decision

Once you’ve met with a few potential attorneys, you should have a good idea about what you want to do. You should have a clear idea of:

  • What documents you need to prove your claim
  • An estimate of what your claim is worth
  • What steps your attorney will take

Use the information you’ve learned to make an informed decision. Choose the lawyer or law firm you feel best about.

Hiring the Representation You Deserve

The auto accident lawyer you hire can have a huge impact on your case. It could be the difference between covering your bills and falling short of your goals. Never hire someone you don’t feel comfortable with.

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