Are You Eligible for Social Security Disability?

Are you facing financial hardships due to your disability? You may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD). At Hakim Law, our Social Security attorneys understand that it can be difficult to muddle through all of the government’s requirements for financial assistance. For your convenience, we have compiled the three requirements you will need to meet to receive SSD.

1. Your condition must be severe enough.

Here is how the Social Security Administration will analyze the severity of your condition:

  • Does your condition interfere with your ability to maintain gainful employment?
  • If no, then you do not qualify.
  • If yes, then continue reading.

It is important to remember that the Social Security Administration will expect you to adapt to a new career, if your old one becomes impossible with your disability. As long as you can maintain some form of gainful employment, you do not qualify for SSD. The Social Security Administration will make this determination based on your past work history, education, and transferable skills.

You can still have a job and qualify for SSD. However, it must be clear that your job does not provide enough for you to live on.

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2. You must not earn over the monthly limit.

The vast majority of income earned in the United States is covered under Social Security. In 2016, if your monthly earnings are over $1,130 you are not eligible for SSD. For blind applicants, the 2016 monthly limit is $1,820. The limits are usually increased yearly to reflect the natural growth of wages and other economic conditions.

3. You must have enough Social Security work credits.

In this situation, “credits” refers to your employment history. The amount of credits needed to qualify for SSD is dependent on your age. Ultimately, you have to have been paying money into the SSD system in order to collect benefits.To earn one credit in 2016, you must earn $1,260 in wages or self-employment income. You can earn a maximum of four credits per year.

There are some special cases where you can qualify even without meeting these requirements. If you need help determining if your Social Security Disability case is legitimate, don’t hesitate to contact us online here or by calling us toll free at (855) 558-8250for your free legal consultation.