Do I Need to Hire a Civil Rights Lawyer?: Top 5 Signs You Do

Civil Rights Law

Civil Rights Law

The number of civil rights court filings is growing, increasing about 3%. The most significant area seeing an increase? Cases handling the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A few of Americans’ civil rights include freedom of speech and religion and freedom from discrimination based on things like sex and race. Unfortunately, these rights can be infringed upon.

Wondering if you need to hire a civil rights lawyer? You’ve come to the right place. Read below for the top five signs it may be the right step.

1. Cruel and Unusual Punishment

The eighth amendment is designed to protect against punishment that is viewed as unacceptable due to pain, suffering, or humiliation it causes.

Three factors are considered when determining if something is cruel and unusual. They include overall acceptance in society, severity, and if the punishment is arbitrary.

Under this category, excessive fines are also something you are protected against. If you find yourself facing astonishingly high bail amounts or fees, your rights may be being violated.

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2. Free to Assemble

Part of the first amendment, Americans are free to peacefully assemble in order to address a grievance with the government.

Even though protests have driven social change, arrests during high-profile demonstrations are frequent.

Think you may have been improperly arrested or forced to leave a protest? Speak with a knowledgeable civil rights attorney to decide upon what to do next.

3. Questionable Searches and Seizures: Hire a Civil Rights Lawyer

You, your home, and your belongings can’t be searched without probable cause and/or a warrant.

This frequently gets brought up concerning police officers searching cars, but it’s actually a little nuanced.

There are two items to consider: did someone expect a degree of privacy and is that expectation reasonable and accepted by society?

4. Discrimination Based on Protected Classes

It is illegal to discriminate based on protected groups/classes. This includes things like age, race, and religion. It happens more than you think.

For example, say someone applies for an apartment. Once the landlord learns the applicant is non-White, he refuses the application. This is a clear civil rights violation, as the landlord discriminated based on race.

If you feel like a similar situation happened to you, gather as much documentation as you can and research lawyers around you.

5. Workplace Discrimination

One final sign you may need to hire a civil rights attorney is if you’ve experienced clear discrimination within your workplace.

Typical examples include passing over older employees for certain jobs or firing someone for getting pregnant.

Not all workplace discrimination is as blatant. Consider hiring a lawyer if you’ve been forced out of shifts or continue to receive inappropriate comments that are causing you stress.

Stand up for Your Rights

Realizing that one or more of your civil rights have been infringed upon is scary. But hopefully, this guide has given you some peace of mind and valuable information.

Do you want to discuss your situation in detail with a professional civil rights lawyer? Consider reaching out to one of our qualified team members.