If you’ve spent any time on the streets of Detroit you’ve inevitably seen the ads for Carl Collins and his “CAR-HIT-U” ads around the city. His marketing strategies are the only reason you’ve seen his name recently.

On October 11, 2019, news broke that a Detriot Grand Jury indicted Carl Collins on charges of tax evasion, fraud and other offenses dating back to 2012.

This not only shocked his clients and the media but frustrated and angered colleagues and others who take pride in the integrity of the legal profession.

Keep reading to learn more about the serious charges that attorney Carl Collins iii is facing and what the consequences of his criminal actions could be.

Who is Attorney Carl Collins?

That depends on who you ask. 

According to his website, Carl Collins is an attorney that was born and raised in Detroit. He received his Bachelor of Science from Notre Dame University and then went on to get his law degree from the University of Detroit’s School of Law. 

His marketing campaign claims he is one of the best auto accident attorneys in the country. He was admitted to the Michigan State Bar in 1996 and he boasts that he has recovered millions of dollars for thousands of people across the country. 

Perhaps this was his first mistake because if you are going to evade paying taxes and hide income, you shouldn’t use that income as a marketing tool for all to see.

How others feel about Carl Collins as an attorney

This isn’t the first time that people have questioned this attorney’s ethics and business practices.

Back in 2017, there was disciplinary action taken by the State of Michigan against attorney Collins for neglecting a legal matter entrusted to him and placing funds in an IOLTA that didn’t belong there. This complaint was in relation to his actions between 2010 and 2017.

Tax Evasion and Fraud Indictment

Carl Collins was indicted on several charges in relation to his personal and business tax filing practices.

There were several years that he did not file a personal tax return or one for his legal practice. Other years the information that he did provide was not accurate.

The indictment also states that Carl Collins deliberately hid and did not claim more than a million dollars between 2012 and 2015. 

Consequences if Found Guilty

As with all indictments and charges, the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise. There are some serious consequences to the charges facing Attorney Collins if he’s found guilty. He could face several years in prison for the charges of tax evasion and filing false returns and up to a year for the individual charges of failure to file.

He will also face penalties and charges of restitution and be subject to a restriction of supervised release.

One Bad Apple

Attorneys like Carl Collins don’t define the legal profession. No one is happier to see the legal profession kept to a high standard of integrity and ethics than those who truly make the law their life. 

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