An auto accident is a common occurrence in today’s busy world. They can happen before you know it and can lead to injury, trauma, and damage.

Here are some surprising facts and statistics about car accidents that might surprise you and make you think twice before stepping behind the wheel.

1. Alcohol Is a Factor

It’s common knowledge that driving while under the influence of alcohol is a bad idea, but most importantly, it’s illegal. Still, many drivers in the United States climb behind the wheel after drinking.

More than 10,000 people per year are victims of drunk driving. And although this number has fallen in the last several years, it still accounts for almost 1/3 of all traffic-related deaths.

2. People Die Often

Think about the time it takes for you to drive from your house to work every day. If it takes you 16 minutes or more, 1 person has already been killed due to an accident. And throughout the day, over 90 people will die in a car accident. This can be due to carelessness, impaired driving, or failure to comply with the laws of the road.

3. The Leading Cause of Crashes May Surprise You

Many people assume impaired driving is the cause of the majority of accidents, but distracted driving is the leading cause of crashes in the United States. This can range from the obvious texting on your phone to even digging in your purse for gum.

Anytime you take your hands or eyes off the wheel is a potential hazard for drivers around you and yourself. Better to be safe than sorry while driver so put your phone down and keep your eyes up.

4. Safety Goes out the Window

Even though we’re told to wear our seatbelt every time we get in the car, 1 in 7 people do not. This increases your risk of being ejected from your car in a crash by 30 times. One of the most important reasons to wear a seatbelt is the fact that they reduce the risk of injury by 50 percent and the risk of death by 45 percent. 

5. It Happens Close to Home

You don’t have to be far from home to get in a car accident. In fact, over 50 percent of crashes happen within 5 miles of your home. We get it, you’ve been at work all day and are in a rush to get him, but the speed limit still applies in those residential neighborhoods. And even if you’ve been drinking at the bar around the corner, you should still arrange for transportation to avoid a DUI or worse, an accident.

6. Your Property Suffers

Bodily harm isn’t the only thing you might experience when in a car accident. Property damage is the leading cause of damage done in an accident. This can be to your car, someone else’s car, or a home. No matter if you’re moving at a high speed or accidentally bump them in traffic, your property still takes the hit.

7. Gender Matters

Your gender plays a part in the number of accidents you experience in a year. Based on research, men are more likely to get in a car accident compared to women. Men have also been found to drive more miles in a day, which contributes to the higher likelihood of an accident.

Be Prepared for an Auto Accident

A commitment to safety on the road is a shared responsibility by you and other drivers. Having the knowledge to make informed decisions will help you be smarter behind the wheel.

Learn more about what actions you should take after an auto accident to protect yourself and those around you.