5 Ways That Semi Accidents Differ from Auto Accidents

Truck trailer pickup or car went accident on the main highway road

Truck trailer pickup or car went accident on the main highway road

Any car accident is stressful. When it involves a large commercial truck, the headaches can be even bigger. Semi accidents are more complicated than standard accidents. They involve many factors that fender benders and regular accidents don’t have.

People taking on a commercial trucking company and their cadre of lawyers are at a disadvantage. You need an experienced attorney on your side. The insurance company will do anything in its power to keep from paying the claim. This is especially true for a semi car accident.

Learn how the differences between a semi accident and a regular accident. Find out how it impacts you and your auto insurance claim.

Increased Damage Due To Size

A semi-truck filled with cargo weighs tons more than your car, and it doesn’t stop on a dime. It’s like a multi-wheeled freight train barreling down the road. When it hits your car, the damage and injuries are more severe than in a traditional accident.

If you’re in a semi-truck accident and survive, then you can count yourself lucky. The semi may have little damage but can mangle your car.

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Major Insurance Policies

Insurance coverage for a personal car is simple. It all depends on the type and coverage. It takes care of the damage to the other car, your car and various medical bills associated with the crash. The amount of the coverage isn’t high.

Commercial auto insurance can be for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cost of injuries and damage are usually greater. This is because of the size and weight of the commercial truck. With insurance amounts so high, the insurance company fights harder than it would for in a standard accident.

Semi Accidents Need A More In-Depth Investigation

Commercial vehicles have more restrictions and regulations than regular cars and trucks. In a standard accident, you exchange insurance information, take pictures, call the police and insurance company.

A wrecked semi truck investigation involves far more. There are pictures of everything, log books, examining the type of cargo and weight. Was the semi too heavy?

Investigators contact the semi-truck owner. They find out about pay stubs, truck maintenance, GPS and On-Board tracking systems or camera. The investigation is complex and thorough. It’s often outside the ability of the accident victim, but not a law firm.

Many Parties Responsible

Odds are the name on the car’s title is yours, so if you’re in an accident, the responsibility rests on your shoulders. This isn’t the case with a semi and car accident. Responsible parties include the driver, the owner of the truck, the owner of the cargo, the people who loaded the truck, the manufacturer of the truck and more.

Regulations for Driver and Owners

A commercial truck is part of a business. It could be a single owner-operator or part of a massive fleet. The rules for driving the truck can differ from state to state. A regular car or truck must follow the rules of the road and the laws of the state. There are far fewer regulations placed on them.

A semi driver can only drive for a set amount of hours without a break. They have a limit on how much weight is on the trailer they’re hauling. There are many regulations about driver rest, driver ability and not driving impaired by sleep loss.

Don’t Take Them on Yourself

Semi accidents cause physical and mental stress. The average person isn’t equipped to handle claims. If you’re involved in a car accident with a semi, then visit our website and learn more about your rights.