Over 3,000 lives will statistically be lost today as a result of a car accident. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce this statistic and keep yourself safe on the road.

Distracted driving is no accident. It can be easy to blame other factors or try to determine who’s at fault, but many times the root cause of a car crash can be traced back to an activity or action that diverted a driver’s attention.

Stay safe behind the wheel. Keep reading for five tips on avoiding distractions while driving.

1. Reply Later

Cell phones and driving don’t mix. Even if you’re at a red light or traveling slow down a familiar road, keep the phone out of your hands. If you absolutely insist, use a hands-free device. Distracted driving laws have already made this a requirement in many states.

There are instances when a smartphone may come in handy for navigating directions to an unfamiliar place. This is best left to fellow passengers or using a mounted device so both of your hands can remain on the wheel.

2. Be Comfortable

Regardless of which car you’re driving, take an extra couple of minutes to ensure you feel comfortable. Adjust your seat and fix your mirrors before putting it in drive so your attention can stay on the road.

This is especially important if you’re driving a car foreign to your own of a different size, make, or model. Operating a new motor vehicle for the first time can be a distraction within itself.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Did you know? Over 100,000 car accidents take place per year due to sleep-deprived drivers. If you’re planning on driving long distance make sure you get enough rest the night before, ideally seven hours at least.

Distracted driving isn’t always caused by outside influences, as drowsiness can impair the brain and cause us to lose focus. This is just as dangerous as drinking and driving, and in some instances even worse.

4. Don’t Drive Hungry

It’s easy to snack on the go, especially with the prevalence and convenience of drive-thrus. While it’s technically not illegal, eating while driving can significantly compromise your ability to focus on the road. An empty stomach can cause a distraction, too.

Distracted driving statistics show 80% of all car accidents are typically traced back to eating in the driver’s seat. This can easily be avoided by strategically planning your meals before getting behind the wheel.

5. Stay Organized

This goes for both your daily routine and the inside of a car. Preparing yourself in the morning, such as grooming and wardrobe adjustments, should be taken care of before stepping out the door.

Additionally, the floor of your car should remain clear with no loose items rolling around. Your attention shouldn’t be diverted trying to pick up rouge items, or even worse having one get caught under your brake or gas pedal.

Avoiding Distractions While Driving

We learn at an early age the importance of road safety. Unfortunately, over time these lessons can become compromised or even forgotten. No one is above following safety rules to reduce distractions from driving.

Many times even when we follow the rules of the roads, the negligence of others driving distracted can hurt us. You don’t have to fight this alone.

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